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Inaugural exhibition July 1998

July 1998


On July 18th 1998 a housewarming party was held at 286 Earl's Court Road and approximately eighty guests were invited to attend. To coincide with the party the first exhibition was mounted at Gallery 286, situated in the basement of the house, showing a selection from the Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection.

The following works were displayed in the gallery:

Painted Stephan
Margaret Benyon 1987
Reduced image reflection hologram & gouache painting

Pearl John 1992
Reflection hologram

Huxley's Day Out
Patrick Boyd 1991
Holographic stereogram & photographs

Venus of Willendorf '91
Harriet Casdin-Silver 1991
Nickel shim achromatic holographic stereogram

Jon Mitton 1992
Animated reflection hologram

You Will Obey
Jon Mitton 1992
Holographic stereogram

David Pizzanelli 1989
Mirror-backed holographic stereogram

Good Morning
David Pizzanelli 1989
Mirror-backed holographic stereogram

Analytical Female
Martin Richardson 1989
Reflection hologram

Inner Vision
Martin Richardson 1987
Reflection hologram

The House of Moons
(A Stage for the Chymical Theatre)
Susan Cowles 1998
Reflection holograms with ink drawing on paper

Dean Randazzo 1991
Animated transmission hologram

Sakti Cluster
Caroline Palmer 1989
Multicolour reflection hologram

Diamonds & Stripes
Caroline Palmer 1989
Multicolour reflection hologram

Twin Towers
Patrick Boyd 1990
Reflection stereogram & photograph

Jackson goes to Manhattan
Patrick Boyd 1990
Reflection stereogram & photograph

Margaret Benyon 1985
Pulsed reflection hologram & reproduction

Square Eclipse
Andrew Pepper 1989
Reflection hologram

Guests were also able to tour the house and visit the
Holographic Archive where further works were on display including:

Mobile World
Elizabeth Coates 1991

Split Benedict
Margaret Benyon 1989

Wrapped Flowers
Margaret Benyon 1991

Martin Richardson 1986

Young Woman in a Dreamlike State
Martin Richardson 1988

Mike Medora 1989

Flying Stone
John Kaufman 1991

John Kaufman 1980

The Juggler
Susan Cowles 1991

The Seedmakers
Susan Cowles 1991

Doris Vila 1997



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