Jonathan Ross Holography Collection

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16 May – 16 June 2024


Gallery 286, London.

Analogue virtual worlds: Display holography at the dawn of cyberspace.

An exhibition of work selected from the Jonathan Ross Collection by Sydney Koke.

Sydney Koke Introduction:

The late 80s and early 90s were an exciting period for display holography, which was employed by numerous artists at the Royal College of Art in London. Holography had been established as a high-fidelity imaging technique, and artists began to look beyond this application. They created abstract compositions with unique temporal and spatial qualities, explored the psychological and spiritual properties of pattern and spatial position, developed new approaches to portraiture, and uncovered the inherent limitations or “glitches” associated with the medium. Their works often featured intense colours, bold and sometimes disorienting compositions, and eerie subject matter, and these themes have since become strongly associated with the medium as a whole. Accordingly, the holograms created during this era were influential for the work that followed, with important implications for the acceptance of holography by contemporary art critics.

Read more of this introduction on the Gallery 286 website.


Sydney Koke with Dan Schweitzer’s ‘The Sleeper’


Visit the Gallery 286 website for an introduction to the exhibition by Jonathan Ross, images of work and installation views of the show.


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